I'm sorry but it will take me some time to get all my links back working.

I would just like to say that AT&T totallly sucks.

I am no longer a customer and I advise everyone else to get rid of them too.


Have you forgotten?

I  haven't  !

To our United States of America troops,

"We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail." - President George W. Bush

Thank you Mr. President, I support you.



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My 1968 GTO
My 1968 Firebird
My 1977 CanAm
Dealer Bulletin-Special Colors
 455 build up
CanAm Brochure
 Dealer Bulletin-Chrome Bumper
  Jim Wangers
CanAm Registry Info
 My GTO Billing History
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'00 GMC 2500 4x4 Crew Cab
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Stuff For Sale
I really need to get some stuff posted here.


Stuff I'm looking for:
Seatbelts for '68 GTO
 Fiberglass hood for '68 Firebird
 Rectangle outside mirrors for 68 Firebird
Front bucket seats from 95-96 Grand Prix, gray.
  CanAm sunroof   weatherstriping


My daughters Stuff & Family Stuff
Some of my Dad's photography


Other Stuff
Rare 1977 Pontiac Sprint - updated
 Snowflake wheels
Rear Axle
 Broken Rod
Long Branch Manifolds
 Bad Piston
 1968 Firebird Throttle Cable
 Custom Degree Wheel
6X Head Identification
 GTO Hood Tach Location

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